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20 Plant Pots, Miniature Plastic Pots (45mm/1 and 3/4") for growing plants/starts

Item Description

20 Miniature Plastic Pots (45mm/1 and 3/4") for growing plants/starts. These are professional quality miniature plastic flower pots, used by both large and small growers. Looking very much like old fashioned clay cactus pots they can be used to propagate any small cutting or they can be direct sown with seeds. Much thicker plastic than other small pots we have seen these can be re-used repeatedly. Terracotta color only.

A product of Canada they are listed as 45mm pots by the manufacturer.

**Please note and assess the size of the pots as described below (perhaps visualizing with a ruler) if you intend using them for other purposes than they are intended for, they are miniature pots. As an example of the capacity of these pots is that they will hold 3 Desert spoons of dry porridge oats (when filled to the top).**

Their overall Imperial dimensions are 1 and 3/4" top diameter, 1 and 1/4" bottom diameter and 1 and 7/8" tall. They fit neatly in a vacuum formed 72 count plug tray but these pots are small enough to fit in any convenient container.

We grow our small succulent rooted starter plants in these pots and picture 5 is for demonstration only of how we use them. These pots are suitable for plant/seed growing purposes only, they are not made of Food Grade plastic.

You will receive 20 to miniature pots which will be sent by Priority mail as this is the most expedient and cheaper way to be mailed to you- Parcel and standard post for the weight of any quantities of these pots is just as/more expensive and would take possibly a week to reach any destination in the USA.

I normally have these pots listed in my shop for quantities of 50/100/200/300/500/1000.

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