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Green Silk Scarf from a Recycled Sari 58"L x 8"W

Item Description

This scarf has been made from a recyced silk Sari in a plain mid green, that has a hint of sheen like shot silk. This is a very nice silk. The whole Sari was made of this silk. The scarf is double fabric and all seams are finished on the inside. The finished scarf is 58"L x 8"W and can be wrapped in a variety of different ways. This particular scarf has been pressed.

I enjoy making these recycled scarves and have done so for many years (since 2012). All have had had a previous wearing history. I avoid all obvious faults in these fabrics, though small nuances may remain that are not detrimental to wearing, such as slight blemishes/weave idiosyncrasies (that were there from being made). I attempt to avoid any and all holes within the fabric. All fabric is pre-cleaned with mild detergent, suitable for most skins, and treated with UV light.

Aftercare instructions will be sent with your order. Care in ironing this silk after laundering not to create steam spalshes/spots. I have found that the best method is to let the scarf just get to being dry (not overdry), then using a pressing cloth between the iron and your fabric will give the best results. You can also tumble dry, seperately from other clothing, on a low heat setting which may avoid the need for the scarf to be ironed.

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