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Succulent mix of 6 Rooted Small Plants, Gifts, Party or Wedding Favors

Item Description

This listing is for a mix of 6 different succulent plants of grays and greens from those pictured above, all rooted and growing in small 45mm pots. You will receive a nice selection of 6 different plants, which will be sent protected bareroot in the tiny pots (plant roots will be in moist sphagnum moss), along with a small bag of Turf-Ace (to help with good drainage) which you will mix with your own compost/potting soil in your own choice of container. Repurpose your glass dishes, bowls etc. and make a little indoor garden or even an outdoor container garden for the Summer and bring indoors for the winter if you have cold temperatures. If containers with no holes are used simply water in your plants after planting them and allow the compost mix to dry out between waterings. Place in a sunny spot and watch them grow:)

These mixes are very popular with our Farmers Market custmers to make their own container gardens, as little gifts for friends and family or party/wedding favors. :)
I also have a listing for a mix of 6 plants here


Your plants will be sent ina small flat rate Priority mail box (to keep costs down, unless being sent with others on combined rate) on Monday/Tuesday of the week following payment. If you'd like more than the choices of 3 or 6 plants for party favors, please send me a message about the amount you need and for pricing of them.
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