Handmade Monocle Pendants, Decorated Wood Slices, Silk and Fabric Scarves, Jewelry, Skirts, Tea Cozies.

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Please note that I have plants for sale (seasonally) and mini pot growing supplies at  oldschoolhouseplantery.indiemade.com.







Creating beautiful and unique items for wearing or accessorizing. I am based in Brattleboro, VT. and attend local craft events (wherever possible). I started my crafting life in the UK and sold at craft fairs, as internet selling was not an option then..haha. I was also self employed as a dressmaker/alterations, designer and home furnishings maker. In 2008 I launched 4 online shops on Etsy, each selling different products, including vintage items with 5 star reviews from my customers. I've had 1000's of happy customers over the last 10 years, both online and in person. Etsy developed their own payment system which was optional for sellers until May 2017 when they made it compulsory for all sellers (or sellers who didn't comply would be suspended from selling), which I wasn't in agreement with. As a result I closed my shops there as I was happy with Paypal to process my payments, as it had always been from 2008. I decided to develop my own independent site here at Indiemade, which I'm thankful for the fact that it is so easy to set up and get started:) 


I love sewing and when I first saw used silk Saris available I knew I just had to do something to recycle them in some way. I decided to make beautiful scarves  from them, renewing their lives and have made several different styles in them over the years. Scarves have always had a place as a fashion accessory and they have been very popular with my customers. I have also made skirts from these Saris, when they're in very good condition. I also enjoy making costume jewelry, many of which are my own concept/design. 


When I'm not busy creating my day to day job is helping my husband with our greenhouse business, where we propagate our own plants (our greenhouse is heated through Winter) which are offered for sale at my other store at oldschoolhouseplantery.indiemade.com (seasonally for plants) and at local Farmer's Markets throughout the year.