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Women's Dusky Pink Silk Sari Scarf, Recycled Silk Heart Patterned Fashion Scarf 57" x 8"

Item Description

Recycled Sari silk scarf in a light dusky pink which has a nice sheen and feel (a little like microfiber). This scarf has double thickness and has machine sewn seams on the inside and hand finished to give clean edges. There are spot splashes of turquoise and maroon and outlined heart shapes in the same colors throughout. The finished scarf measures 57" x 8" and can be worn in a variety of ways to complement an outfit.

As with all of my recycled silk scarves, which have all been worn to some degreee in their past, care has been taken to choose only the best sections of the fabric and avoid holes/tears, though small nuances/slight fade etc. are not obvious and not detrimental to wearing. All silks are washed in a mild detergent and further cleaned with a UV light.

Other styles and colors of my Sari scarves can be seen in my store. Care instructions will be sent with your scarf.

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